• SC&C was established in 1992 in Prague as a small consulting firm providing special services regarding statistical analyses and methodology
  • SC&C was involved in changes in Czech society after 1989, participated in research projects (public opinion research, international sociological surveys) and provided first market analyses (brand awareness, satisfaction studies etc.)
  • More than 25 years since SC&C has:

    Diverse team of experts covering sociology, demography, cultural studies and political science
    Interviewers in the field
    CATI studio with experienced operators (15 stations)
    Online panel with more than 20 000 respondents
    Facility for Focus groups in Prague city center

Our aim is to provide our clients with the highest quality customized research services and with results that constitute a fundamental resource for operative and strategic decision-making.

Our Mission

Our primary aim is to ask good questions to the right people. We enjoy analyzing the opinions, needs, and wishes of the target population as well as probing and searching what is behind these opinions, needs and wishes.

We are used to designing the appropriate tools and choose the most effective methods.

We know that usefulness of all research is not measured by the number of complicated computations but by the relevance of gained information.


We offer complex solutions

  • We take into account available sources (data, reports, materials) already on disposal, eg. population parameters, opinion surveys, micro-census
  • We suggest research design based on available data and research aims
  • Analyses and recommendations are based on high-quality data and analytical skills

We take statistical grounding seriously, still take into account fast changes

Modern technologies have huge impact on our communication and decision-making process

  • Brand positioning is more important than ever as well as appropriate communication and marketing mix

We deliver high-quality data based both on representativity and cost-effectiveness

  • We adjust the research design to specific needs
  • Willingness to participate in research increases with flexibility of design

Good mix of design enables both representativity and cost-effectiveness

 Value of quantitative survey

Quantitative surveys are based on standardized survey instruments

  • Methods: Enable to generalize, are standardized and survey replicable
  • Success is based on general intelligibility of all questions and correct performance of all steps  

Value of in-depth interviews and focus groups

Answers are not limited by standardized formulations and categorization

  • Methods: Reveal subjective perceptions and hidden motivations (eg expectation versus reality), show the importance of individual aspects of the product or service for the respondent, set out complex relationships, explain where to target quantitative research, eg identify dimensions and individual items that are,      secondarily quantified by research, provide context and insight for quantitative analyses.

We offer combination of approaches

Combination of qualitative and quantitative approach brings complex information and provides flexibility


Milos Tengler presenting tools of understandig the customers!

Data sampling

5 serious risks of online research

ISO Certificate

Major projects

SHARE - 50+ in Europe

GGP - Contemporary Czech family

Contact Us

Jana Hamanova

Director of research
tel.: +420 777 759 419, E-mail: jhamanova@scac.cz