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About SC&C

  • SC&C has a successful track record of research collaboration abroad. If you would like to help in any way with marketing or sociological research in the Czech Republic, we would be delighted if you would contact us. Our team has extensive experience in international research and is ready to address your requirements.

  • SC&C was established in 1992 in Prague as a small consulting firm providing special services regarding statistical analyses and methodology

  • In quantitative research we use all common methods: CAPI, PAPI, CATI and CAWI.

  • In qualitative research methods we implement IDI, FG and mystery shopping.

  • We carry out all types of research, including combined research using both qualitative and quantitative elements.

  • We are members of ESOMAR and SIMAR
  • We are a reliable partner for public opinion research, marketing research and robust sociological surveys.
  • We take statistical grounding seriously, still take into account fast changes. Modern technologies have huge impact on our communication and decision-making process.
  • We deliver high-quality data based both on representativity and cost-effectiveness
  • We adjust the research design to specific needs
  • Willingness to participate in research increases with flexibility of design
  • Good mix of design enables both representativity and cost-effectiveness

Our major projects

Brand Comparison Index - A unique comparison of brands on the Czech market

SHARE - 50+ in Europe

GGP - Contemporary Czech family

Contact Us

Dilnara Radjapova

Dilnara comes from Uzbekistan and as a foreigner she brings a novel approach to research solutions in the Czech environment.

Filip Oliva

Filip has more than 10 years of experience with foreign and international research in both qualitative and quantitative methods including large sociological surveys.