About Us


SC&C has more than 20-year experience on the Czech market. We have a team of experts on both marketing and sociological research.


Our primary aim is to ask good questions to the right people. We enjoy analysing the opinions, needs and wishes of the target population as well as probing and searching what is behind these opinions, needs and wishes. We are used to design the appropriate tools and choose the most effective methods.


We know that usefulness of all research is not measured by the amount of complicated computations but by the relevance of gained information.


We can offer a complex approach and solutions to clients‘ needs based on the process of designing studies, data collection and analysis, reporting, data mining and/or analysis of clients‘ databases for prediction and decision-making purposes, as well as building models.


Our Vision


SC&C is a preferred partner of those who require the highest quality research services and for those who consider the best quality research data and information to be a necessity.


fajfka_odrážkaWe dedicate ourselves to the client’s needs


fajfka_odrážkaWe select methods to produce maximum effect  for the client


fajfka_odrážkaWe guarantee the best quality for a small-scale as well as for extensive research


Our Mission


Our mission is to provide our clients with the highest quality customized research services and with results that constitute a fundamental resource for operative and strategic decision-making.




Our domains


fajfka_odrážkaanalyses and consultations


fajfka_odrážkacomplex market studies


fajfka_odrážkaprice tests


fajfka_odrážkasegmentation studies


fajfka_odrážkatrademark and image studies


fajfka_odrážkapre-tests and post-tests of marketing campaigns


fajfka_odrážkacustomer and employee satisfaction studies


fajfka_odrážkasociological and demographic studies


fajfka_odrážkaSWOT analyses



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